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Varathane (Oil-based) requires the application of only a single coating as it is thicker and has a better quality. As stated above, Minwax can be in two forms, oil-based and water-based too. The properties and usage of both types of poly shades are different. Water-based minwax polyshade is durable and best for coatings.

  • Foam brushes are inexpensive and work well for most flat surfaces.
  • Because this is an interior finish, however, it is not recommended for outdoor projects such as decks and patio furniture.
  • The polyurethane dry time on this water-based product is much faster.
  • Keep at it until you are satisfied, and then wet-sand with the next higher grade of sandpaper .
  • The time it takes the polyurethane to dry can be very important, especially if you are working indoors or are on a deadline.
  • If you want to take an extra precaution you can use shellac as an intermediate coat.
  • This quality makes the Varathane products more effective and time saving.
  • One reason it occurs is that the surface the poly was applied to was not dry or was contaminated.
  • For these reasons, we would recommend Varathane, despite the added cost, as this brand will best allow you to get your wood projects done much faster.
  • However, it is a great option for most pieces of furniture, and it can even be used as a protective coating on non-wood items.
  • Regardless of the type you use, if your project will see a lot of wear and tear, few finishes are as appropriate as polyurethane for the protective topcoats.
  • This polyurethane can be used over bare wood or finished wood, and it provides superior protection.

Satin – Satin is the chosen more often than the other finishes because it has just the right amount of luster without being too shiny and exposing wear and tear. You are still able to see the beauty in the wood grain without seeing every scuff and scratch. Oil-based finishes amber over time; do not use them over white or very light colors. Mona Lisa, the aluminum oxide finish you mention can only be used on factory finished flooring. It can’t be used for a sand and refinish job in someone’s home. While I kinda agree with Defcon about furniture finishes, floors need polyurethane, especially in a high use area such as a kitchen and if you have kids and/or dogs.

Gel Stain

This one is legal in California and other states with tougher environmental protection laws, so no worries there. The rich satin color does a very good job of bringing out the grain of darker wood, and wood that has been stained. However, it can impart a dingy appearance to light-colored wood. This is another self-leveling product, which is really handy for those who hate the sight of brush strokes, or those who don’t have time to worry about hand leveling. However, it is possible that the floor could become a little too smooth. A floor that is excessively smooth will produce a greater risk of falls and injury, so take that factor into account.

varathane vs minwax oil based polyurethane

Oil-based polyurethane varnishes can be cleaned up using mineral spirits. One thing I like about this product is the fact that it is specifically made for high-use areas like floors and cabinets. It is waterproof, though it is not good enough to be rated as marine paint.

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As we mentioned, Minwax also requires several coats, which, combined with extended drying time, can significantly slow down your whole project. One reason users turn to this company is for the fast drying time, which helps you complete projects faster. Varathane is another brand that dedicates itself to wood finishing and preparation products. Some of their line includes highly reviewed wood fillers, wood stains, refinishers, and pre-stain wood conditioners.

They come from a wide range of animal, vegetable, and mineral sources. You can find them in amber, clear, white, and various other wood tones. However, they offer little protection against wear and scratches. /r/woodworking is your home on reddit for furniture, toys, tools, wood, glue, and anything else that has to do with woodworking as a hobby or profession.


You can settle for fewer coats, but in doing so you may end up refinishing the floor sooner than you think. Instead, put in the time now and apply the polyurethane one more time, so you enjoy more longevity. For corners, skirtings, and other nooks and crannies, use a natural bristle brush. It’s up to you whether you find a 3” or a 5” brush most comfortable to work with.

For example, lacquer offers little resistance to alcohol or water, but it’s as easy to repair as spraying on a fresh coat. Polyurethane varnish ranks tops in moisture and chemical resistance, but repairing varathane vs minwax oil based polyurethane deep scratches requires stripping the old finish. Get some high grit wet-dry sandpaper, 600 to 1000 grit , and fold some of it onto a cork sanding block or a hardware store drywall sander.

Does Polyurethane Make Your Steps Slippery?

So either get the prefinished wood you love, or do unfinished wood and refinish it. Bona Traffic HD is hands down the best water borne polyurethane on the market. If you ask almost any experienced flooring professional, they will agree. Brad, @thedude306, I got a hold of my buddy today on your question. It is a 2 part mixture, very abrasion and alcohol resistant. Recommends you clean the spray gun right away because of how this stuff sets up.

The Best Polyurethane for Treating Artworks, Furniture, and More – ARTnews

The Best Polyurethane for Treating Artworks, Furniture, and More.

Posted: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

You may also want to consider the color of the polyurethane, although most are clear, and whether it will yellow over time. This polyurethane is ideal for all indoor wood, including flooring, doors, trim and furnishings. It has a one-coat coverage, which makes it quick to apply and the water-based formula makes it easy to clean after use. The formula of this polyurethane is also scratch and stain resistant to provide excellent protection.

Maintain a long, continuous movement when spraying, as stopping and starting in the middle of a coat will result in an uneven finish. More polyurethane in some places and less in others can result in drips and runs. You will need to experiment with this a little, as you will need to find the perfect setting that allows the polyurethane to be sprayed evenly with each coating. The product consists of special oils to allow the finish to adjust with the wood. The coating is highly durable and will resist stains and scratches.

This highlights imperfections, such as bumps, bubbles, ugly brush marks, and spots that you simply missed or where the finish is too light. You can fix these problems when the finish is still wet but not once it starts to set up. Polyurethane takes hours, not minutes, to dry; that’s a lot of time for dust to settle or bugs to land on the surface, marring the final product. Both water-based and oil-based products give off strong fumes as they dry (although oil-based is decidedly worse), so proper ventilation is a must. Just don’t finish your work outdoors, where you can’t control dust, bugs, and other flying finish-ruiners. This type of varnish is usually best after about four to five coats.


Water based polyurethane is good for things that are not exposed to extreme or rigid temperatures such as picture frames, side tables, bookcases and desks etc. Water based polyurethane is famous for being low odor and low toxic. It is transparent as compared to the oil based version which has a slight color. Although most water-based polyurethanes provide a clear, unnoticeable finish, this unique finish provides a warm glow to your project. It works well for brush applications and does not streak.

The first coat might not achieve the full color of a dark stain, but subsequent coats generally will. Brush on the polyurethane so the brush strokes are parallel to the grain of the wood. Complete each area with long, straight strokes to brush out as many bubbles as possible.

Oil Or Water Based

How many times have you seen home owners start with a 24 grit then go to 80 then 120? In both instances situations like that happen all the time. With sanding being the key factor in the equation would be the reason I linked the Bona sand and refinish video in which you host in this thread. This should be ok if you gave the stain 3-4 days to properly dry out. You’ll want the oil-based drying agent to completely vaporize from the stain before applying the water-based finish. Reviewers say this water-based stain is surprisingly easy to use, even if you’re new to working with wood, and many love that the product is odorless during application.

Not only does that save you time in the moment, but it makes the entire project go by quicker. If you would prefer to thin your own polyurethane as opposed to using it in an aerosol can, you will require a suitable paint sprayer. We suggest using HomeRight’s Super Finish Max paint sprayer for an easy-to-use product that will provide a professional finish on all of your surfaces. This spray gun is ideal as it can be adjusted according to your needs, allowing you to achieve horizontal, vertical, and round spray patterns. You can also adjust the flow and output of the spray, allowing for maximum control.

Polyurethane is actually the most durable hardwood floor finish. Polyurethane should be applied to all wooden surfaces to provide protection from the elements. It can also improve the appearance by highlighting the natural colors and grain in wood, which can add value to your home or furnishings. The best kind of finish will differ based on the type of wood that you are covering with polyurethane. For example, wooden tabletops would benefit from a gloss-finish top coat as this will improve the appearance and enhance the natural color.

Varnish vs. Polyurethane – How to Choose –

Varnish vs. Polyurethane – How to Choose.

Posted: Sat, 16 Jan 2016 09:34:57 GMT [source]

My gut tells me intense on new area since it will make it darker, so the fact that the rest of the floor is naturally darker from age, it may be closer. Yes, dustless is awesome and will severely reduce the dust. It’s great, and does cost extra and it’s important that your brownstone has enough power.


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